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  • Regeneration of used oils like
    • Used Transformer Oils
    • Used Gear Oils
    • Used Engine Oils
    • Waste Oils
  • Recycling used Industrial Oil
  • Incinerator Plant
    • Used Air Filters
    • Used Cotton Waste
    • paint waste etc

    These wastes are disposed off in an environmentally friendly manner

  • Consultancy for green field used oil re-refining projects.


Dear Customer,

We introduce ourselves as the largest producer of reclaimed base stock in eastern India, and a major blender of automotive and industrial lubricants. We also manufacture other speciality lubricants as per customer requirements. Our plant technology is designed on the latest ”Wiped Film Evaporation Technology” a State of Art, Eco Friendly Process, approved by Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India to obtain high quality base stocks. Our ultra modern plant with a refining capacity of 16000 Kilo Litre of used oil per annum, employ around 60 workers, and is situated near Hardag, a remote village around 30 kms from Ranchi, in the picturesque state of Jharkhand.

The chemistry of re-refining is very simple. It is based on the adage” Lubricating Oil Never Wears Out”. It gets temporarily impaired because of introduction of contaminants like water, dirt, and other foreign ingredients coming from extraneous sources, and formation of sludge and varnish due to breakdown of additives under severe service conditions. These contaminants interfere with the normal function of the system lubricant, thus necessitating replacement by fresh oil. The discarded oil, also known as used oil can be re-used by removing the above said contaminants by under going any technically accepted re-refining process. The resultant oil, i.e. reclaimed lubricating oil obtained from hi-tech refining processes, has been accepted throughout the world as a safe, economical, and environmental friendly substitute product for virgin base stocks.

We at Mangalam take advantage of the above fact and generate wealth from waste for itself, and in the process clean the environment of all used/waste oils. India is totally dependent on import for its requirements of virgin oils. Reclamation goes a long way in conserving petroleum products a non renewable and finite source of energy. Thus we save precious foreign exchange for the country, (as reclaimed oil is a substitute of virgin oil) contributes positively towards a global problem, and serve the society in general.

With more than 25 years in used oil recycling and product blending, MLPL has the experience to provide quality lubricants and recycling services. A well equipped laboratory, along with qualified and experienced team backed up by a committed management, monitors continuously quality of finished products, thus ensuring you get lubricants of the highest standards.

All environmental clearances, and Govt. regulation licenses, ensures peace of mind to ISO 9002 as well as ISO 14000 companies, getting their wastes recycled by us.

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